Safety of passengers is top priority -- KAC
Kuwait Airways underscored on Saturday its keenness to ensure the safety of all of its passengers, not slackening off in carrying out all security and safety measures in that regard.
In a press statement, the company said it had re-inspected the luggage of all passengers on flight 561 bound for Jordan after a rowdy passenger screamed his head off in a threatening manner.
This caused a disturbance among the passengers on the plane requiring security personnel to deal with the offender, said the statement.
In its eagerness for the safety of the passengers and for carrying out normal procedure in such cases, the company " ran a re-inspection check on all passenger luggage while summoning airport security as an extra cautionary measure, said the statement.
It added that "the flight in question departed after that momentary tumult to its prescribed destination." Earlier today, The Ministry of Interior stressed in a press statement that security preparedness may entail taking precautionary measures in the airport such as asking passengers to deplane and re-inspect luggage and the aircraft which is standard, normal procedure at all airports.
It added that these precautionary measures are carried out to ensure the safe take-off and landing of all planes as well as the safety of all passengers on board these planes.
Further, it emphasized that security personnel at the ministry did not receive any call regarding the existence of a bomb on a Kuwait Airways plane bound for Jordan.