Arab League chief presses UNSC to "look into" regional issues
The Arab League's Secretary General Nabil Al-Araby pressed the United Nations' Security Council (UNSC) on Saturday, to "look into the region's issues," as means of ensuring peace and security.
Al-Araby made the remarks in a speech to kick off a meeting between the Arab League's permanent envoys and representatives of UNSC member nations.
"It is imperative to restructure the UNSC," the Arab League chief noted, lashing out at the council for its failure to "put an end to conflicts and to preserve peace." "How can we justify using veto laws to prevent decisions to enforce ceasefires in conflict-ridden areas?" Al-Araby questioned.
Moreover, Egypt's Permanent Representative to the UN Amr Aboualatta underscored the significance of the meeting, saying that "regional challenges have morphed into international issues that require collective collaboration." Meanwhile, Aboualatta singled out terrorism as the primary challenge, describing it as a "black thought that threatens the prospect of political solutions," while calling on increased cooperation to "pluck terrorism from its roots." On a similar note, Bahrain's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Arab League Sheikh Rashid bin Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa highlighted the need to address the region's pressing issues.
The Bahraini diplomat pinpointed the refugee crisis, calling it an immense challenge that calls for concerted Arab and international efforts to solve the issue. He also acknowledged Kuwait's hosting of three international conferences in support of refugees.
The meeting will focus on regional developments, primarily, the situations in Libya and Somalia, in addition to the refugee crisis.
Kuwait's deputy acting charge d'affaires of its permanent mission to the Arab League Mohammad Al-Allati leads the country's delegation to the meeting.