Postage stamps exhibition narrates Lebanon's history
The Central Bank of Lebanon launched an exhibition of more than 3,000 postage stamps narrating the history of Lebanon and captured prominent international and regional events.
The exhibition offered stamps on 120 panels according to their historical sequence of issuance starting from the end of the Ottoman Empire rule in Lebanon between 1885 and 1918 and then the French military rule stage between 1918 and 1920.
Moreover, the exhibition included stamps from The state of Greater Lebanon and the establishment of the Republic under the French mandate, while the stamps issued after Lebanon's independence in 1943 were divided in accordance with the heads of the Republic.
The stamps collection recorded major events including the United Nations Charter with the Arab League and the Arab Summit Conferences in Beirut in 1956 and 2002, in addition to stamps issued in cultural, artistic and sport occasions and stamps honoring historical figures from Lebanon and the world.