How to make chocolate truffles the Godiva way
I AM STANDING in Godiva's Wonka-esque tasting room in Brussels, pretty much in heaven. As a confirmed chocoholic, the temptation to scoop my finger across the marble slab, where a warm slick of cocoa is being "tempered," is almost too much to resist.
Head chef Thierry Muret will have none of it, however, as he deftly moves the silky mass around with two spatulas, keeping the chocolate at the optimum 30°C so the cocoa butter crystallizes in its smoothest form.
Getting the same effect at home requires a little finessing. "Most people's marble, if they have any, is on a table in the living room," says Mr. Muret. "So you can cheat."
Whichever method you use (cheat's version at right), once the chocolate reaches its ideal condition, it's mixed with butter and coated in chocolate to create scrumptious truffles. For variations on the classic, add different flavors at the mixing stage, such as cinnamon or sea salt. For a crunchier shell, roll in chocolate flakes or crushed nuts.