Majority of Egyptian businessmen prefer bribery for government licenses: corruption survey
Sixty percent of Egyptian businessmen prefer to pay bribes to government officials in order to obtain licenses for their projects instead of investing their money elsewhere, according to a survey by the “Emsek Kersh” campaign against corruption.
40 percent believe that the problem is with conflicting laws and regulations, according to the survey.
Mohamed Gamal, founder of the campaign, says most businessmen believe that state institutions are corrupt and do not answer President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s call for facilitating procedures in order to attract more local and foreign investment for economic growth.
The survey, which was conducted in the construction and building materials sector, the industrial sector, the energy sector, the food products sector and the agricultural projects sector, claimed that the building materials and industrial sectors were the most corrupt.
The business community suggests an electronic system for obtaining licenses so as to avoid direct contact with corrupt officials that take bribes.
According to Egyptian law, bribery is when a public employee receives money in return for a service he is obliged to render, thereby placing his personal interest above the public's interest.