Emirati royal snubs Assala and brands her a 'traitor of Syria'!
It's no secret that Syrian singer Assala is a loyal supporter of the Free Syrian Army and an opponent of the Syrian government.
In 2013, Assala tweeted in reference to the assassination attempt against the rebel chief in the eastern city of Deir Ezzour, saying, "Do not be frustrated because of what happened. Millions of youths have your back. May you heal [soon]."
While thousands may be on the starlet's side, others have accused her of betraying Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian people.
One person agreeing with the latter is Emirati Shaikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who recently bumped into Assala and gave her a piece of her mind.
The young royal posted a Facebook status telling her followers what had happened, and boy was it embarrassing!
"Today at Dubai Airport, singer Assala Nasri caught a glimpse of me and ran towards me to say hello. She then reproached me for my stand on the Syrian revolution and foreign intereference in Syria. I responded with the following:
"Assala, I love Syria and all I want is for peace to return to it. However, you have betrayed your country and your people and it's no honor of mine to be seen with you.
"I then excused myself and continued on with my journey. The moral of the story is: Our country isn't a hotel that we leave once it gets old. Our country is our soul and our blood," Shaikha Mahra wrote.
Back in May, Lebanese journalist Nidal Al Ahmadieh slammed Assala as well by describing her as "a criminal against Syrians," adding that "she held herself responsible for what she said. She participated in the killing of innocent people in Syria and claims to be knowledgeable when, in fact, she is stupid in politics and she never read about political history."