Amal Hijazi sings for fallen Syrian angel Aylan Kurdi
The above video is a song released by Egyptian singer Amal Hijazi in response to Arabs' reaction - or lack thereof - to the death of Syrian refugee toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose small body washed up face-down on a Turkish beach on September 2, causing an international outrage.
The single is fittingly titled "Fen El Dameer" (Where's Your Conscience?), and in her own words, Amal dedicates it as "A message to our Arab nation lying in a coma!"
While Germany and Austria took in thousands of Syrian refugees last week - while Britain prepares to do the same with 20,000 refugees - Arab leaders were criticized for ignoring the large number of desperate people flocking out of Syria by boat, many of whom have died in the proces.
In the song, Amal sings, "In the long empty distance I shout out, but no one can hear me.
"No place is accepting us and no one is offering to help.
"Strangers in our own land and we've lost our dreams.
"Where is your conscience? Why has injustice spread?"
At the end of the video, a strong message signed by Amal reads, "May God help us with this Arab nation that's closed its doors to our refugees. And thank you to the blasphemous countries - as you call them - who took us in. Arabs, where's your conscience?"