The Matrix producer works on $1 BILLION film about Prophet Muhammad
Alnoor Holdings, a Qatar-based media group, announced that it has entered the execution phase for its septology film franchise based on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 
Over $1 billion is allocated for the epic production that will be filmed in Qatar and selected global locations. The budget is one of the largest of its kind aligning it with productions such as the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings and Avatar. The septology has been developed in collaboration with the legendary and acclaimed producer Barrie Osborne (producer and Oscar winner for Lord of the Rings, The Matrix Franchise, Godfather and many others), who has played a key role from the onset of the project. The story lines are being formulated to launch the first film by 2018. 
Current market dynamics stipulate that successful epic franchises exceed $ 1 billion budgets and such projects require dedicated time to amalgamate creative storytelling with associated sensitivities and complexities. It is well-known that projects such as Lord of the Rings required many years of development prior to production and such trends repeated in many other successful productions such as Avatar, World War Z and others.
Dr. Azahar Iqbal, International Productions Executive of Alnoor Holdings, has engaged more than 200 experts, scholars and writers from various countries around the world to conceptualize the septology. The process of enrichment of the storyline included experts from Hollywood and diverse cultural backgrounds to formulate it as a universal message for all humankind.
The storyline has emerged as one that will certainly be captivating and is creatively set, with a balance between fiction and non-fiction. Dr. Iqbal states that the development stages of the septology over the last five years engaged professionals and experts in workshops in Qatar, London, New York, Chicago, Paris, Malaysia, Turkey and other locations.
Ahmed Al-Hashemi, Alnoor Holdings chairman, states that Alnoor wants the septology to reflect the true values and persona of the focus behind the epic — Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The development of this project has paid particular attention to quality of content, the latest cinematic technology, visual effects and storytelling.
The films will bring a ‘wow’ factor in graphics and visual effects that has not been achieved before. The septology takes the protagonist(s) through a journey where he experiences the true love of his Creator — Almighty God, in ensuring that good prevails over evil. The protagonist(s) is on a quest for answers for the meaning and purpose of life.
The storyline of each film is creatively aligned to the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him).
The Prophet (peace be upon him) has not been physically depicted in the film.