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Lebanese star Najwa Karam molested at Kuwaiti airport
A Kuwaiti youngster was apprehended by the police department in Kuwait after harassing Lebanese signer Najwa Karam upon her arrival at the national airport, Kuwaiti media reported.
After her landing at Kuwait International Airport, Arab star Najwa Karam was surrounded by a group of fans, among whom one “behaved indecently,” the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai said Saturday.
The young man, who “committed a scandalous act” according to Al-Rai, was confronted by one of Karam’s bodyguards and a fight broke out between the two.
Security agents intervened and stopped the clash, and the two men were referred to a police station in Jleeb al-Shuyoukh, the closest Kuwaiti town to the airport.
The dispute was resolved when the police station was “showered with calls and mediations” to avoid a lawsuit against the young Kuwaiti citizen.
The man signed a written pledge and the dispute was resolved “amicably,” the report said.
Karm is visiting Kuwait to participate in the fourth day of a music festival.