"Hala February 2015" to kick off this week

The annual "Hala February 2015" festival is to kick off this Thursday, January 8, and will continue until February 8, the festival's higher organizing committee announced on Sunday.

The festival is considered a great opportunity to stimulate the country's economy through offering huge discounts and promotions in the retail businesses and small industries.

Economic expert, Qais Al-Ghanim, said that such stimulus encourages internal and external tourism and places the country as a tourist destination.

He also added that all sectors of the society could take advantage of the month-long discounts and promotions at many shops that wouldn't make a dent in their pockets.

Similarly, financial analysis Fahad Al-Sager said that the "Hala February" is a step on the right direction to turn the country into its desired goal of being a regional financial hub.

He emphasized the importance of the government's support, especially the Ministry of Interior, to facilitate the entry of visitors into the country.

He added that the Ministry of Information also needs to have full coverage of the festival's activities to attract more people.