Myriam Fares on being Tinker Bell

She’s one hardworking superstar. A singer, performer, part-time actress and full-time fashionista, Lebanese entertainer Myriam Fares has her finger in many fabulous pies. This week though, she’s returning to the UAE in a very different avatar, to play the famous naughty fairy Tinker Bell in a production of Peter Pan.

Called Peter PanThe Never Ending Story, the high-profile stage show will stop for its world tour at the Dubai World Trade Centre Arena from March 5 to 13. Fares, who will narrate the show and perform the song You Raise Me Up for the opening night only, spoke to tabloid! ahead of her return about why she agreed to do it, her future plans and what’s coming next for her musically.


Why did you decide to do Peter Pan?

I was chosen to be part of Peter Pan by the directors and organisers of the show since they believe in my unique ability in the Arab world to best perform this role in addition to their desire to increase the attraction to the show. I decided to do it due to the huge similarity between this show and what I usually do in my work, combining music, performance, acting, entertainment and glamour. Another reason is that it contains the famous song ‘You Raise Me Up’ which I love so much. But most importantly, I was excited to join this worldwide musical due to the humanitarian cause behind it especially that the royalties from this show go to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in addition to the association with Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs in Dubai.


Did you read J.M Barrie’s book growing up or watch the movie ‘Hook’?

I did see the movie before and have always been attracted to the character of Tinker Bell.


You are not a stranger to musicals. What is it about performing in musical productions that you really enjoy?

What I enjoy about performing in musical productions is that it brings out the best in your potential to sing, perform, dance and act all together live on stage. So it is the perfect spot to share your abilities as an artist. Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story has all the high standards and techniques needed to give its viewers what they wish to see in any show to an extent that it allows them to mentally leave their seats and join the wonderful Neverland of Peter Pan and wish that the story will really never end. It is a first of its kind show with the new stage technology and one of the biggest shows ever in the region.

I am also looking at coming up with a similar huge musical production which includes most of my songs in a special theme that creates a fusion between all the different aspects of Oriental art and to reveal to the world the known and the yet unknown wonderful features of our unique and rich culture.


You’ve also collaborated with FloRida for an Arabic version of his radio hit Wild Ones. And now you’ve You Raise Me Up for Peter Pan. What about an English album soon eh?

All thoughts, possibilities and odds exist. I always like to surprise my fans and people who love my work with new releases and new ideas. So it is greatly possible to release an English album or even in French or Spanish which are all languages that I like to sing in.


Any other international collaborations you are working on that you can tell us?

Honestly I am not currently exerting my efforts to work on an international collaboration. But I keep on receiving offers from people who are interested in my music. I am taking into consideration each offer carefully and slowly in order for me to present the best and to give my fans and people who love me what is beyond their expectations.


So how does Myriam Fares keep fit?

The natural composition of my body lets me stay fit without working hard to reach this result. What I try to do is to maintain this fitness by always choosing a healthy food diet and leaving the option of fast food when necessary. I include different kinds of sports once or twice a week in my schedule. Mostly I stay away from sad thoughts since I strongly believe that inner happiness reflects your outer beauty.


You are quite a regular in Dubai. What keeps bringing you back here?

I am always present in the entire Arab world due to my constant performances in concerts and weddings in various countries. I like Dubai a lot. I always try to stay for one or two extra days in here since I enjoy its variety in shopping and its beautiful weather in some periods of the year and because of it being a worldwide attraction for tourists and businesses. My favorite thing is the desert activities that I enjoy a lot.


A lot of pop stars are now doing reality shows. Would you judge a singing show on TV if given the chance?

I keep on receiving offers to join reality TV shows as a judge. As soon I am convinced with the perfect offer that suits me, you will be the first ones to know.


Is there a dialect, whether Lebanese or Egyptian or Khaleeji, that you most favour singing in? Or that you are most comfortable in?

I am comfortable in singing in all dialects, even if it was not Lebanese. I feel content and more challenged the harder the dialect is.


You’ve also worked in films. Is that something you’d like to explore more?

My previous experience with the film “Silina” was a wonderful experience for me in person and added a lot to my career. I was also greatly satisfied with the outcome of the TV series “Fawazeer Myriam” that I did previously. Actually I am in the process of exploring more in the world of acting which is still a secret and will be a surprise for the people within the next semester.


What next for you musically?

I am finalising my next album to be released and which will include different songs with different dialects of Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaleeji which is diversified to Emirati, Saudi and Kuwaiti with different musical patterns. As usual it will include a mixture of various cultures within the same album. In addition to that, there are the events that I previously signed for the next two semesters.