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Friday, May 14, 2021

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My Wife diaries: How to get your man to help out at home.


The honeymoon ends, you move in together for the first time and your happily ever after is about to begin.
These first few weeks are quite a rollercoaster; you’ll fight over the covers all night, because one of you haggles more of them than they should, you’ll burn the food and end up ordering take out one night too many, you’ll brave several horror movies and Turkish soap operas together; things you never knew about each other are about to be revealed.

Six o’clock in the evening and my husband has just come back from work. A quick “Hello” and he heads straight to the bedroom. Rushing behind him, I ask about his day, rant about mine and tell him how much I missed him through it all.

Unluckily, this feeling doesn’t last too long as I almost trip over a pair of muddy shoes right outside our bedroom door. Sighing, I bend down to pick them up. Two steps and there is a sad pair of socks lying on the floor, a crumbled jacket on the bed, a pair of jeans too and before I know it, I’ve become a standing clothes hanger with all kinds of dirty laundry dangling off of me.

After a few months of playing the role of “the good wife”, picking up and organizing the remains of a long day left to drop all over our floor with content, I gave up.

Deciding to approach the matter calmly, I chose a time when we were watching a nice movie, cuddled up together and softly asked my man if he could maybe help me tidy up every once in a while. A few days later, my request was granted: my husband managed to pile up all his clothes on just one chair at the end of the day. (Sigh)

If there’s one thing that most of us ladies would like to change, it would definitely be to get our husbands to help out more around the house. So, here are the five steps that you need to follow, guaranteed to do just that.

First things first, you should start early. If you’re newly married, start now! Getting your husband acquainted with a certain routine from the very beginning, means he will always apply it from now onwards.

So, when you’re home for the very first time, emptying your bags and he sneaks off, ask him to come back and help. You have a great upper-hand at this point; being in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and all, newly-weds are usually willing to help out more; if you ask for help, you are most likely to get it.

For you ladies who are unfortunately too far gone, start taking notes! You must understand it’s difficult to change a routine that’s been there for a few years now, so don’t expect results from the very first time. and most important rule.

Three, no nagging allowed. At some point we are all guilty of it; whether it’s that broken faucet in the bathroom, the brakes on the car that needed to be fixed a month ago, or taking out the garbage; we all nag and most of the time we DO have point.
However, the key to success here is to make progress without your man actually being aware of any change taking place. Instead of pestering your partner about something that needs to be done, charm him into giving you a helping hand.
Patience ladies! That’s the second

This brings us to step four: “The Damsel in distress”. Making an issue about your hubby not putting his dirty socks in the laundry every night won’t make him stop leaving them on the floor and you know it. 

Instead of making him feel guilty about an undone chore, bat those eyelashes and just ask him politely. We live in a world that encourages us women to be strong and independent all the time, but there’s no shame in admitting you need some help. Ultimately, every man just wants to feel needed by his woman; it’s a great ego boost and it will also get him to gladly lend a hand.

Finally, when you do ask your man for help, lend him a helping hand in return.

All chores are boring, it’s no wonder our men don’t want to do any. Make them fun by doing them together; after lunch, clear the table together while having a conversation, talk about your day, create your own routine; in a few years you’ll cherish that time together.
If after trying all the tips and tricks you’ve reaped no results, unfortunately there’s nothing left to do but stomp your feet and nag your heart out.
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