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Friday, September 17, 2021

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How to convince an employer you are the right person for the job
When you apply for a job, it is important to prove that you’re serious about it. No matter how skilful and experienced you’re, an employer may pass you over for someone else who seems more enthusiastic and full-heatedly invested in taking the job.
A big part of the reason is that employers typically are not only looking for someone who can do the job today, but someone who will be able to advance the job and take more responsibilities in the future. When you demonstrate as early as possible in the application process that you’re committed and interested in the job, you immediately position yourself ahead of many others who appear to have just submitted their resumes because of the lack of anything else to do.
How can you communicate your interest and seriousness? There are multiple easy ways. Here are a few to consider.
When you get the initial contact from a potential employer, it is important to respond quickly and efficiently. If you’ve missed a call, for example, try to get back on the same day. Similarly respond to e-mails as quickly as possible — while you keep quality in mind of course. Generally, if you’re interested in the job, show it. Promptness is also essential in responding to requests for additional information. For example if you’ve overlooked a point in your application (an inquiry about previous experience, pay expectations, etc), you need to get back immediately with the required information in full detail. This rectifies your oversight and reflects on your style of handling work issues with thoroughness and completion.
Body language
You don’t have to be an expert on body language to master it. But you do need to be aware of how you handle your posture in a way that demonstrates respect and interest. For example, don’t slouch in your chair. Instead, sit up straight and learn forward, which typically shows interest. Maintain a positive expression and show that you’re listening to your interviewer either by commenting, when appropriate, or nodding. You may not see an immediate reaction to your conscious maintenance of a positive body language, but that doesn’t mean the effect is negligible. In fact, the impression you leave your interviewers with goes a long way into positioning you for selection.
Fair negotiation
Keep your tone of your negotiations fair and positive. An aggressive negotiator may appear to be willing to quit the entire process if demands are not met, reflecting a lack of seriousness and interest in the job. Although you still need to make sure that you get a good deal, your tone is the most important aspect of how you negotiate. Just like you try to communicate your interest in the job for what it offers and what you can bring to it, make sure that your negotiation approach never demonstrates you as someone who is solely after financial remuneration, title or perks.
The details
Yes, when it comes to job interviews, you need to sweat the details — not literally of course. Just pay close attention to every move and action you take when you deal with your potential employer. For example, are you expecting a phone interview? Be prepared in a quiet place well in advance. Show up for interviews on time, nicely dress, etc. When you get the details right, you show that this job opportunity is at the centre of your attention. You also demonstrate an image of someone who is organised and professional — a double win. Similarly, never overlook the importance of sending thank-you notes, follow-up e-mails and inquiries. These are the points that set interested candidates apart from casual job-shoppers. Luckily, these actions are not time intensive and they pay off greatly with employers.
Second thoughts
In every hiring process, you may have moments when you’ve second thoughts about the job or making the switch from your current situation. Try not to share these moments with your future employer unless there is something tangible that needs to be adjusted to make you more comfortable with the move. If it is just a matter of cold feet, keep your thought to yourself, your family and friends. An employer who senses that you may be stepping back may resort to the second-best option. So think twice before you share your personal doubts or concerns.
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