9 Reasons why Egyptian girls need punching bags
All girls need a punching bag, especially us Egyptian ladies. We go through things on a daily basis that make us just want to beat the living crap out of people, literally. Instead of smashing someone’s face however, we usually just keep all our anger bottled up inside and go ballistic later in one way or another.
Whether it’s something trivial or something huge, we need to let this aggression out. We need an outlet.
So here are just a few reasons why Egyptian girls need punching bags:
1. We constantly have to compromise 
I don’t know why but in Egypt, people have this stupid misconception that girls are the ones who should have to compromise, to meet someone halfway instead getting what we actually want. We “don’t have to agree on everything” as long as you meet each other halfway.
2. The perception that girls are weak physically
While you, sir, were on the floor in tears because someone kicked your wie***, a woman out there was in labor and pushing a 4kg baby out of her body in a dirty hospital with dirt floors (we all know how medical care is here in Egypt). Yet people seem to think that we’re all delicate little flowers who can be broken in half by the poke of a pinky…
3. The belief that girls need protection
No, we don’t. One quick kick to the groin, a few scratches to your eye and a blow to your stomach will do the job. Who’s on their knees now?
4. Objectification
We are not objects who can be ordered around by men like we’re some kind of appliance. We are people with brains and feelings and dreams. If you’re hungry, instead of telling your mom/sister/or wife to put something on the stove for you, get off your butt and make your own damn meal and do the dishes.The fact that we have female parts doesn’t make us slaves.
5. Girls who hug boys are cheap
We cuss, we scream, we are opinionated and strong. If we choose to hug a male friend of ours, it doesn’t make us  cheap. It just means that we don’t care about the ”norms”.
6. Clingy partners
We don’t want to know your every move and we sure as hell don’t need to ask for ”permission” to go out.
7. Girl on girl hate
Some girls hate on other girls – for many reasons such as jealousy, intimidation or just for the sake of it. That’s where the notion that all Egyptian girls are full of hate comes from. We’re all battling this world together – why are we turning on each other?
8. Harassment
We all know what it’s like to be a woman in Egypt. We endure every form of harassment – verbal, sexual and physical. We all go through it. Some of us stay back in shock and others get angry and scream. Ladies for this one, I suggest you don’t use a punching bag. In fact, I suggest you slap some sense into the pervert. If he touches you non-consensually, that’s a form of violence – and you have every right to self-defense.
9. We’re not constantly hunting for husbands
Not all of us want to get married and pop out babies. Some of us are more career-oriented and have a different set of goals. So just because a girl likes you, don’t be presumptuous because it doesn’t mean she’s imagining her future babies with you.