KRCS to take part in World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey
Deputy Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Anwar Al-Hasawi emphasized the importance of uniting positions between regional and international humanitarian organizations to best serve the victims of natural disasters, conflicts, and wars.
Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and in remarks to KUNA on the sideline of a meeting for the GCC General Secretariat and Gulf Red Crescent Societies, Al-Hasawi said that it was important to face challenges and crises in the region, adding that uniting humanitarian efforts at all levels was key in saving people from suffering.
Al-Hasawi said that Kuwait will take all necessary measures to ensure that the needy and those who suffer around the globe are taken care of, adding that the KRCS was willing to cooperate on this aspect with all who are eager to do so.
Recently, His Highness the Amir left Kuwait to take part in the summit that is of high importance due to the large number of world leaders attending to address humanitarian challenges facing the world.