Acting PM: Kuwait at forefront of philanthropy industry
Through its support and diligence, Kuwait is now at the forefront of the philanthropy industry, Acting Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said on Sunday.
Those comments were made by Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sanea, who was speaking on behalf of Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, at a two-day international forum on humanitarian work, entitled, "Partnership for Strength and Sustainability".
Kuwait rightfully deserves to be an international humanitarian center, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said, adding that His Highness the Amir is fully deserving the title, "Humanitarian Leader, "conferred upon him by the United Nations (UN).
Kuwait, through hosting numerous conferences, has supported many conflict and disaster-stricken countries, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said.
Moreover, philanthropic work is tantamount to a bridge that links nations victimized by deteriorating humanitarian conditions, the Foreign Minister noted.
Humanitarian efforts will remain firm, in light of the surge in the number of refugees and the displaced, which has now surpassed 60 million people, he said.
Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled also pointed out that 702 million people now live under the poverty line.
Former Sudanese President Abdulrahman Suwar Al-Dahab said that Kuwait has set a precedent for humanitarian work, noting that the country has always lent a helping hand to those less fortunate.
Continued cooperation amongst charitable organizations is of upmost significance, as a result of the growing number of obstacles facing them, Al-Dahab added.
Increased cooperation amongst those organizations is also imperative for increased development and prosperity, he added.
Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ambassador Hisham Yousef said that Kuwait has made substantial humanitarian efforts in recent years, most notably, its hosting of conferences in support of Syria.
This forum is being held at a time of unprecedented challenges, Yousef noted, pointing to the conflicts in Sryia, Yemen and Iraq, where new methods of torture have recently been used. "We face a growing number of war crimes that target innocent civilians, "he added.
Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Hilal Al-Sayer said that the development of humanitarian work in Kuwait is the result of God's guidance and a sage leadership.
"Our Arab region is exposed to the fiercest conflicts, which behoove us as members of the international Red Cross and Crescent Society, to enhance cooperation with other organizations and facilitate dialogue with them.
Al-Sayer also said that he is hopeful that the forum would yield fruitful and productive strategies that would further conserve humanitarian values and international humanitarian laws.
Secretary General of Rahma International charitable society Yahya Al-Ogaily said that Kuwait's hosting of the conference is a testament to the country's commitment to humanitarian and philanthropic causes, which is entrenched in the hearts of the people of Kuwait.
The forum will witness a number of cooperation agreements to be signed by participating organizations, Al-Ogaily revealed, adding that a planned segment will display some landmark humanitarian works handpicked by a specialized committee.
The forum will also contain a number of workshops and sessions dedicated to humanitarian work, with participation of local and international specialists in that field.