Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Center for Hearing, Speech is edifice of Kuwait's development
Deputy Director of Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Center for Hearing and Speech, Dr. Hadeel Al-Mutawa has asserted the center's keenness to implement a strategy that will develop and upgrade health services so as to contribute to keeping up with plans of the Ministry of Health's Development Plan 2030.
Al-Mutawa, who also serves as deputy director of ZAIN Hospital, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Saturday that the center has adopted a number of projects and forwarded them to the Ministry of Health to take the final approval in order to achieve the desired goals.
She explained that the main objectives of the center is to provide medical services to citizens and residents of all health areas within hospitals or clinics in order to relieve pressure on the specialized hospitals and facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients and reduce the duration of waiting to see a doctor.
She added, "We have begun reducing the time schedules for patients and facilitated their access to the clinics and provided appropriate medical service and advice to them." آ آ آ She listed a number of projects the center intends to implement after the adoption of the needed budgets, including increasing the number of operating rooms from four to six, the development and expansion of the intensive care unit, increase the number of clinics of hearing screening and speech therapy as well as cochlear implants from seven to nine, as well as the introduction of another clinic for ear washing besides the existing one.
She also said that among the most important projects is increasing cooperation and coordination with the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties as to contribute to the development of the medical staff and the training of nursing cader of the center, according to the latest relevant medical technology and international conventions.