KPC says ready to deal with strike, local needs met
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries have enforced an emergency plan as a result of the strike by the oil and petrochemical industry's labor unions that went into actual effect Sunday morning, said official spokesman for the oil sector Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah.
Al-Khaled assured in a press statement issued by the KPC the corporation's customers overseas that export operations are proceeding according to plan and that it is able to meet the most prominent global market demands as agreed upon with the customers.
He pointed out that the refineries of the KNPC play their role to the fullest including production of petroleum products better than planned according to the contingency plan developed in advance.
Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled added that the gathering centers of Kuwait Oil Company are now managed by team leaders backed by contractors' workers in light of the strike of the gathering centers' staff, pointing out that some retirees and contractors were being recalled.
He explained that the senior management of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation closely follows since the start of the strike on implementation of the plans that ensure the continuation of all fuel stations, both of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company or of private companies (Oula - Al-Soor) with regular gasoline and petroleum derivatives in addition to supplying Kuwait Airport and companies operating there with their needs of jet fuel.
He called on nationals and residents not to listen to rumors concerning the effects of the strike on local market's needs of petroleum derivatives, stressing that Kuwait's stockpile of gasoline and other petroleum by-products are sufficient for 25 days and that the state's strategic stockpile is enough for 31 days.
Sheikh Talal said that reports reaching to the crisis room reveal that the oil companies have enough stockpile of the market needs, pointing to the KPC supplying the Ministry of Electricity and Water with the needed fuels to operate the power stations.
He also noted that the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company has not detected any problem in terms of supplying the local market with gas cylinders.