Khan El-Khalili offers unique oriental atmosphere of Islamic Cairo
Khan El-Khalili is one of the old neighborhoods of the Egyptian capital Cairo, having a unique oriental atmosphere that attracts locals, Arab and foreign tourists.
The khan (tavern), built in the 14th century, offers a good opportunity for purchasing souvenirs and other beautiful objects, such as antiques, jewelry, statuettes, spices, souvenirs, silver jewelry, t-shirts, gallabiyahs and belly dancing costumes.
The ancient inn with its detached shops and workshops as well as its narrow alleys is the most famous bazaar of Islamic Cairo, which was founded in 969. It is characterized by old buildings, monuments and unique handicrafts.
In the alleys of Khan El-Khalili also sit some of Cairo's oldest coffeehouses like Fishawi's Ahwa. The cafes have been important gathering places since Islamic times, bringing people together from all walks of life. They basically serve brewed tea and a fruit flavored shisha (hookah) into the early morning hours.