Sharm Al-Sheikh .. still top tourist destination, city of security, peace
Egypt's wonderful Red Sea resort of Sharm Al-Sheikh is still among the world's five top tourist destinations, despite campaigns targeting tourism there.
In fact, the external tendentious campaigns have been targeting the industry in Egypt, suggesting a link to terrorism, with the City of Peace as a major target.
As part of the persistent efforts to quash the cowardly attempts and foster the influx of tourists to Sharm El-Sheikh, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority and Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait invited a Kuwaiti media delegation to visit the city, and participate in the hard work seeking to deliver a positive message.
The counter-campaign of peace and security is themed "Egypt is safe." The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism has embarked on public relations campaigns to attract tourists to the terrific resort. The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a key target of these efforts.
These include plans to encourage domestic tourism.
During a meeting with the visiting Kuwaiti delegation, Governor Khaled Fouda of Egypt's South Sinai, where Sharm El-Sheikh is located, reiterated the plans against tourism, and the Egyptian economy as a whole.
Four of South Sinai nine cities are situated on the Gulf of Suez and four others on the Aqaba Gulf, Fouda said. At the heart lies Saint Catherine Sinai. The total area of the governorate is 31,000 square meters.
He pointed to the huge potential of various types of tourism, religious, conference, therapeutic, safari and sports. The city has beaches with total length hits 600 kilometers.
In addition, the governorate owns five of the world's best dicing sites, in Ras Mohammad and Dahab.
The governor also stressed the high level of security, peace and safety in South Sinai, particularly in Sharm Al-Sheikh, rarely to find anywhere else in the world.
Western media reports have criticized the security systems in the Sharm Al-Sheikh Airport, though the Kuwaiti delegation had the opposite impression during their tour in the resort.
Sharm El-Sheikh, which was established in 1968 on a total area of 480 square kilometers, enjoys a fantastic location between the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba.
Visitors can enjoy maritime activities in the charming city throughout the year, in addition to scores of hotels, tourist villages, restaurants, markets and recreational sites.
The Kuwaiti media delegation visited various sites in Sharm El-Sheikh, and was highly impressed by their beauty and feeling of safety.
Manager of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association Adnan Al-Rashed urged Kuwaitis and Arabs to visit the wonderful resort to enjoy tranquility, security, peace and stability.
He expressed appreciation to the Egyptian Tourist Authority and the embassy for their invitation to visit Sharm El-Sheikh to have firsthand experience of the conditions there, as well as for the hospitality and warm reception.
Kuwait is a major tourist-exporter market to Egypt. Reportedly, 121,000 Kuwaitis visited Egypt.