Naglaa Fathi attempts suicide?
Rumor has it that Naglaa Fathi has tried to commit suicide over her daughter's illness, reported Al Quds Al Arabi.
The renowned Egyptian actress's daughter has a hole in her heart, a congenital defect in the heart septum, resulting in inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood.
Egyptian director Jamil al Moghazi made the shocking claims in an interview with TV host Wael al Ibrashi.
"Naglaa has had a very rough time because of her daughter's illness; that's why she tried to commit suicide. She stood on the edge of a window but her mum caught wind of what she was trying to do and rushed over to her and said, 'What is it that you want?.' To which Naglaa responded, 'I want my daughter.' Her mum then responded, 'And I want my daughter too.'"
Thankfully, Al Quds Al Arabi reports that Naglaa's daughter is in good health now, as is Naglaa as well, who suffers from a bad case of Psoriasis and was recently receiving a new innovative treatment for it in Switzerland.