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Monday, October 26, 2020

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His Highness PM's visit will further cement bilateral ties - Japan-Kuwait Society Chairman
Japan-Kuwait Society Chairman Yasushi Kimura on said His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah's upcoming visit to Japan will further cement bilateral ties.
"His visit, which followed reciprocal visits by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in 2012 and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Kuwait in 2013, will surely play a significant role in further advancing friendly relationship and building a stronger bond between the two countries," Kimura said in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo on May 11 for a four-day visit, the first since he assumed the post, during which he will meet with Emperor Akihito, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other leaders.
Ever since Japan and Kuwait established diplomatic relations in 1961, the two countries have steadily deepened friendly relations. "Japan made a contribution to liberation and reconstruction of Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991. After 20 years, this time, Kuwait offered us substantial support in the aftermath of the unprecedented earthquake-tsunami disaster in March 2011 by donating five million barrels of crude oil," said Kimura. "Such a mutual assistance cannot possibly be achieved overnight and it much owes to longtime amicable relations cultivated by our predecessors," he commended firm and longstanding friendly ties between Japan and Kuwait.
"Constant contact and mutual consideration are important for cultivating and maintaining friendships, same as people-to-people exchange." Kimura, who also serves as Chairman of Japan's top oil refiner JX Holdings Inc., voiced expectation for a greater economic and technological partnership between the two countries, underlining Kuwait's ambitious Second Five-Year National Development Plan (2015-2020) launched in April last year.
State Minister of Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh visited Japan in October 2014, and Director-General of the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority Sheikh Dr. Mishaal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah came here in March last year, with both expressing continued expectation for Japanese firms and technology, which contributed to infrastructure improvement in Kuwait in the early days.
The two countries have signed a bilateral double-taxation avoidance agreement, as well as an investment promotion and protection agreement. Furthermore, Kuwait's Cabinet has resolved the total abolishment of its offset program that had long been an obstacle for foreign investment in Kuwait. "Kuwait has improved a favorable investment climate. In the process of implementing many giant infrastructural projects, such as water, power and transportation network listed in the development plan, I expect that bilateral economic and technological cooperation between the two countries will make further progress," Kimura said.
The chairman expressed gratitude to the Kuwaiti leadership and people for their heart-warming support and encouragement following the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated northeastern region. "Soon after the disaster, Kuwait announced contribution of five million barrels of crude oil, which greatly encouraged the Japanese people. I was amazed at the scale of the donation that surpassed Japan's daily consumption and valued at some JPY 45 billion (USD 425 million)," he said.
Kimura also offered appreciation to Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi for his active support activities to help the disaster-stricken people.
Ambassador Al-Otaibi rushed to the affected areas immediately after the catastrophe to deliver food, daily necessities and school supplies, as well as soccer balls for children. In addition, the ambassador also organized and hosted a charity bazaar at the Embassy, of which proceeds were donated to the affected areas.
"I was deeply moved by Ambassador's words on the arrival of a tanker carrying the first shipment of the Kuwaiti aid oil," said Kimura. In his speech at a commemorative ceremony in October that year, Al-Otaibi said, "It doesn't matter what and how much assistance we provide Japan. The most important thing is my country's solidarity toward Japan and its people." Looking back over the past five years, Kimura shed light on Kuwait's tremendous assistance, which he said "deeply engraved into the heart of Japanese people.
"The generous Kuwaiti aid was effectively utilized for the projects related to post-disaster reconstruction work, such as the completed recovery of the Sanriku Railway and refurbishment of the marine science museum Aquamarine Fukushima." Meanwhile, Kimura renewed Japan-Kuwait Society's commitment to continue to be a bridge of friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries. The Japan-Kuwait Society, which 18 leading Japanese companies deeply linked to Kuwait register as members, marked the 50th anniversary of its foundation last year. Since its establishment in 1965, the society has promoted cultural exchanges and deepened understanding of Kuwait and Arab-Islam among the Japanese people through a number of publications, including the 'Danah' newsletter introducing Kuwait as well as Arab-Islamic-related books. Moreover, it regularly offers Arabic lessons to promote Arabic in Japan. 
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