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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Lisa Eldridge creates the Alexa Chung look, on Alexa

After posting photos of Alexa Chung on her website, make-up artist Lisa Eldridge was met with a flurry of requests to recreate the look in a how-to video. One fan wondered if Eldridge could create the look on Alexa Chung herself. Not a bad idea, Eldridge thought, so she asked the Brit model who agreed, and this video is the result.

It's an easy one for Eldridge she says, because during the tutorial she leaves a lot to Chung - who, after her debut make-up tutorial for her own Eyeko collection earlier this year (with before and after shots of perfect liner, without the how-to bit in-between), was obviously keen to prove her make-up prowess.

Chung appears fresh faced and tanned - "it's actually my first tan ever," says Chung. "I've been quite good with my skin but now I'm 30 I was like 'that's it, my tan time is here'." For the record, she used Sisley sun screen for her face.

The look Eldridge was going for is Chung's failsafe face. "I don't really switch up by beauty look massively," says Chung. "But generally speaking I love to rip off Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy, that's kind of my number one. I just thought that Sixities make-up is just so flattering."

The point is it's undone but also really flattering, and doesn't look like you've made a huge effort Chung explains. And in this beauty tutorial, Eldridge thinks the looks starts with a fresh base, using Chanel Vital Lumiere and Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier - which Chung admits she already keeps in her handbag along with other essentials including Stila Blusher, Eyeko Liner and a mascara.

Eldridge also goes on to cover one "teeny, tiny spot," which Chung says she only gets once a year; "it's like if I had a pair of boobs now, people can't stop, their eyes just keep looking down at it." (The story goes that for this year's annual erruption, she had to call her friend Daisy to help, "I was having this dinner with friends and they were like babe you have to sort that out it's putting it off my meal.").

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Chung's other beauty gripe right now is her brows; "I spent all of my school years plucking them to oblivion. You know in the Nineties when it was cool to have like Greta Garbo brows. And now I feel like they're suffering, so I'm trying to grow them out." Chung is hoping brows like "Frida Kahlo by 2015," and because her father has caterpillar brows, she's confident. Eldridge suggests some brow growth serums, "I'm going to hook you up with some," she tells Chung, "maybe I can put some of my chin and get a beard as well." Maybe not? For now, Eldridge in fact uses the Eyeko Brow Liner which works well if you want to add in tiny hairs, beginning at the top, and going on to fill in those little gaps.

The other focus for Chung's Sixties look is of course the eye. Eldridge uses Me and My Shadow Waterproof Liner by Eyeko, which Chung developed "from my desire to have something you can travel with that's easy to apply," she says. Eldridge likes it because you get a brush and colour in one stick, "and it's quick," she says.

The chocolate pencil by Eyeko comes next, for a 'socket definition.' "I don't have deep sockets," admits Chung, so Eldridge uses it for dimension and again underneath the eye for softness.

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Next it's liquid eyeliner, which is "crucial for this look" says Eldridge, using Eyeko Eye Do, again from Chung's collection. "The problem is that Eyeko let me have free reign with naming the products and so unfortunately they've all got really good pun names. 'Eye Do' and then it says 'That's where I draw the line' on it," she giggles. Watch carefully, this is where Chung takes over; "I'm really controlling about my eyeliner because it's one of the only things I can do actually in life, so I like to protect that. But if I'm getting my make-up done I give the make-up artist a guide line. I feel like once you know your eye it's quite good," says Chung who swears by a 45 degree line, "I think that's the best slope." She does it, and nails it, with the 'vibe' of a cotton bud to clean it up. Her tips for matching both eyes by the way are practice, and having an eye for symmetry.

Eldridge follows with lashings of mascara on Chung's lashes, which she admits are like 'iron filings' so she needs lots. "That's what makes it look Sixties, that abundance of mascara on the bottom lashes," adds Eldridge.

For sheer colour on the cheeks it's just Rimmel Stay Blushed! peach gel. Chung hates powders on the cheeks, so this "dewy vibe," she loves. On the lips again it's a Rimmel product, Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight. "Nice and Sixties, really peachy," explains Eldridge, who gives the lipstick to Chung as she thinks it's her match.

"My dream make-up. The end," says Chung. "I hope you can imagine me trotting off into the sunset right now, wicker basket, off to meet a French man."


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